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What is "The Good Hat Fund"?

In short...The Good Hat Fund, is our latest step to recalibrate this project - to get back to square one and discover the best way to lean into our main goal - which has always been to do a little good with some of the proceeds of these hats, reinvest in more hats, and repeat!  Because while our intentions have always been good (and proceeds to date have of course been donated to some amazing causes), the execution has been more challenging than anticipated at times.  Be it the tax man restricting places we can donate these smaller amounts to, larger companies shying away from the little/new guy or other roadblocks we just didn't foresee, we have realized to make an impact like we hoped, we need to do things a little differently.

And so, we are beyond excited to announce "The Good Hat Fund" - an in house collection of proceeds from each hat ($5 for every hat sold, goes directly into the fund), that we will be donating on a quarterly basis to various causes...our main focus, as always, will continue to be mothers and families in need as well as those effected by crisis and natural disasters.  And most importantly, we are confident that by donating directly to these vetted charities that we trust to use our donations to the maximum capacity to help those in need, our impact will be real and tangible for these amazing groups - of which there are no shortage!

*Don't worry my dog lovers... $5 of every dog hat sale will still go to our AMAZING friends at Wags and Walks...that will NEVER change!*

Secondarily, our hope is that not only will this re-energize everyone to be a part of this adventure (which it certainly has been!) but it will provide a great deal of transparency where funds are going - and maybe even get people involved in suggesting charities and causes that are special to them.

We are an open book - and we are learning - and so we appreciate any and all feedback, input, questions or requests to collaborate in supporting some special causes.  Let's forge ahead, together, to do a little good while we are here - because now more than ever we need each other!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more!

-Drew B. Founder

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