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For those that have been with us from the start - you were there for General Three.  And while that project was near and dear to my heart and we raised some great money for some amazing causes, the reality was that I just wanted to get back to basics and really keep it simple with a truly unmistakable mission.  Make some cool hats, work with some cool people and do a little good while I was at it.  And like that, The Good Hat Company (and most recently "The Good Hat Fund") were born

Having recently become a dad, and coming out of the insanity that was these past two years, there is one thing that has become wildly apparent - and that is that I need to do everything I can to do my part to leave this world in a better place than I found it.  And while it is easy to get overwhelmed by that idea, the reality is that if we start small, work within the communities we live and rally the incredible people around us that maybe, just maybe we can make a difference. 

So, I hope you will be a part of this crazy journey - come join on volunteer days, buy some hats for you and your friends, spread the word when you can and help me make this dream a reality.

The idea is to continue to build this thing into something magical - and with your help I really believe we can do just that!  I promise we will keep it light, keep it loose and maybe most importantly for that that know me, I will do my best not to abuse the million different uses of the word "good" in my instagram captions.

Thank you so much for your time, your energy and your support!

-Drew B, Founder

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